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FLOW Personal Training has helped hundreds of people to achieve their health and fitness goals. We take a different approach to other personal training services in the market and promise you results, but more importantly results that can be sustained for life.

Our approach is to focus on steady progress towards your goals and if you want to enjoy the journey you are about to embark upon then our personal training service is for you. We support, guide, and motivate you every step of the way putting a high emphasis on making your experience enjoyable and designed to fit into your life.

Our trainers are passionate, approachable, highly qualified, and experienced. We cater for various needs and goals and specialise in ideal weight programmes. We can also work with people with chronic health conditions. For example, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

We have a fully equipped mobile gym and are available to serve you throughout Dubai. Our services are available remotely should you choose to sign up to our FLOW Coaching App or Wellness Programs and we can work online via video call if you are located outside of Dubai.

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Our clients achieve their goals and sustain them!

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Personal Training Options

Personal Training Rates

Our Personal Training rates are outlined below. Sessions are calculated on a monthly basis and session rates vary depending on the number of times you choose to train per week.

If you struggle with unhealthy habits and behaviours you can choose to upgrade your package to include the FLOW Coaching App  and Wellness Coaching Programmes – Prices starting AED250 per month.

Personal Training 1x session per week

AED 300

Per SessionApprox AED1200 per month

Personal Training 2x session per week

AED 250

Per SessionApprox AED2000 per month

Personal Training 3x session per week

AED 225

Per SessionApprox AED2700 per month
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