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Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga and other modalities with the mind-body connection at their heart are central to FLOW’s approach to achieving balance and are available both as standalone tailored one-to-one sessions and as part of our Wellness Coaching and Personal Training programmes.

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We combine traditional and modern practices so that you can weave them seamlessly through your daily life and enjoy their many physical and mental health-enhancing benefits.

Our Yoga and Mindfulness Teachers can come to you in the comfort of your own home or at a suitable outdoor location across Scotland. There’s a further option of working with you online.

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FLOW yoga & mindfulness

£40 to £50 per session
  • Practice 1 to 5 times per Week
  • in the comfort of your own home
  • all equipment provided

5 star reviews

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If you’d like to explore how our yoga, mindfulness and meditation services can help you. Just get in touch to talk to a member of our team.

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All our professional yoga instructors hold industry-recognised qualifications, are widely experienced, and they each bring a true passion for what they do to every FLOW session.Our focus is always on discovering the mix of techniques that together create the personal yoga practice that aligns with your unique physical, emotional, and spiritual aspirations. 

Among the yoga approaches we currently offer for building strength, flexibility, balance, and mental wellbeing are…

FLOW’s yoga instructors are always learning new techniques, so please do ask if there is something specific you would like to explore.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation often hold the key to finding deeper synergy between body and mind, and our FLOW yoga instructors can help you discover which techniques leave you feeling better de-stressed, centred, and with the clarity you need to achieve your goals.

You can incorporate mindfulness and meditation techniques into your wider physical yoga practice, or make them the main focus of your FLOW yoga sessions — whatever works for you. 


Within the yoga framework, breathwork is central to a fully rounded and beneficial practice and FLOW’s yoga instructors will work with you to discover the breathing technique that resonates most strongly. Among approaches we can offer are…


Pilates offers a more precise exercise-based route into discovering the mind-body connection while still maintaining the traditional focus on breathwork and flow. 

Ask about the tailored Pilates sessions our specialist instructors can create for you.

sound bowls

Sound reaches us on a deep level, awakens our body and mind, and soothes our soul.

A well-crafted sound bowl creates an ethereal tone that can move us in ways we may not be able to fully explain — just like the notes of a song that resonate with us on a deep and magical level.

Sound bowls — also known as singing bowls — can sometimes resemble the human voice, offering a soothing familiarity that helps us connect to ourselves and to others. 

The overall effect goes deeper than relaxation and stress relief: these unique sounds reach parts of us for which there are no descriptive words but represent profound aspects of our very being.

At FLOW, we offer the following sound bowl experiences.

Our yoga teachers

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Aisha Basova

Yoga & pilates instructor

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Nuni Soriano

yoga instructor

Janet Yoga Teacher Dubai

Janet Graham

Yoga teacher

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Joanne Coates

Yoga Teacher & Coach

5 star reviews

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