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We are an expert health and wellness group providing a variety of wellness services. Based in Dubai, UAE, we work with our clients locally and globally online and help them to change their lives. Our mission is to help busy men and women to live healthy and happy lifestyles that can be sustained for life.



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Behaviour Change & Habits

This is a big focus of ours as we understand that change takes time. Modern life can get in the way of your goals, which can make it hard to stick to things. Our team are qualified in behaviour change and positive psychology techniques, and aim to help you make the changes you desire but more importantly, make them stick.

Weight Management

We specialise in helping people to manage their weight. and achieve an ideal weight Our team are highly professional and experienced and more importantly are passionate about helping people to achieve their goals.

Health & Fitness

Our approach is to make health & fitness enjoyable so that you can make it a regular part of your lifestyle. We strongly believe in building programs unique to your specific needs. We do not take a one size fits all approach as we want you to enjoy the process and find balance.


To live healthy you need to nourish your body with the right foods. We provide help from basic plans all the way through to comprehensive nutrition plans for your needs and goals. We are advocates of healthy change and do not encourage extreme approaches or extreme calorie deficits. We aim to educate you and make eating enjoyable.

Coaching & Support

Our expert team come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. They will coach and support you to ensure you stay motivated and stay on track to find a life of wellbeing.

Our Services

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Book in for a quick DISCOVERY CALL or submit your details HERE and we will give you a quick call. We will discuss your needs and goals, and answer any questions you may have.

Free consultation fitness

Discuss your needs, goals, and barriers to build you the perfect program. Here you will choose the right options and price for you. We will get you setup and choose a date to start. Please note that this will take at least 1 hour. This can be done locally in Dubai or online via Zoom.

Personal training in Scotland

Get started….it’s that simple. During the entire journey you will be supported and encouraged by us. We will ensure you are in the best possible position to achieve your goals, and more importantly. To sustain them.

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