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What sets FLOW Wellness Group apart in the Health, Fitness and Wellness space?

It’s the emphasis founder Coach Andrew Walls places on helping clients achieve long-term physical and mental wellbeing underpinned by strong behavioural change foundations and solid science.

On his journey towards launching FLOW Wellness Group, Andrew had seen far too many people put on unrealistic diets and coerced into exercise regimes that were having a negative impact on their health and were doomed to fail. He was frustrated by the often inconsistent approaches that set people up for short-term success and long-term failure.

A year  spent working at a leading wellness retreat in Thailand opened his eyes and  demonstrated to him how a whole person approach was the best way to help people to achieve successful and lifelong transformation. 

Andrew knew there had to be a better way to bring this idea mainstream, and so he began weaving together the best traditional and modern holistic practices with the use of solid, measurable data to create FLOW — it’s an acronym for Find a Life of Wellbeing — which he set up in Dubai in 2020, and is now expanding into Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Now he works with a team of equally committed practitioners, who also focus on understanding individual health, fitness and wellness needs and strive to motivate and empower all of their clients to grow and commit to smarter habits and behaviours. 

Among the most common challenges we help with are stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, high body fat, low fitness levels, poor sleep, and the general burn-out that too often accompanies career success.

Our clients include professionals, business owners, and corporate clients, all of whom have discovered that when you work with FLOW Wellness Group, you’re choosing to invest in a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and ultimately living a much happier life.

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Andrew Walls

FLOW Wellness Group founder, Wellness Coach, Master Personal Trainer

Andrew founded FLOW — Find a Life of Wellbeing — after more than 15 years building a career in fitness and health that has taken him from his native Scotland to Dubai and back via a variety of training, coaching, and management roles.

Andrew’s professional journey began as a fitness and leisure director at a renowned wellness retreat in Thailand, where he discovered holistic wellness and behaviour coaching. With a science-oriented background in exercise, Andrew sought data-driven, long-lasting results, blending this scientific approach with holistic methods.

In 2008, Andrew relocated to Dubai, where he lived for a decade before moving back to the UK, and then to Thailand. Returning to Dubai in 2020 amid the COVID outbreak, he crafted the distinctive wellness approach that characterises Flow Wellness Group. 

Andrew holds degrees in sport and exercise science, business management, and various certifications in sports coaching, personal training, and nutrition.


He’s an accredited behavioural change specialist with the American College of Exercise and a member of the UAE Register of Exercise Professionals. This blend of expertise and experience positions Flow Wellness Group for success in its UK expansion.

Today, Flow Wellness Group, celebrated for its unique blend of holistic wellness coaching and scientifically grounded physical and mental programs, is extending its services to Scotland and the broader UK. Under Andrew’s leadership, the group boasts a team of specialists, each an expert in their respective fields, who share Andrew’s dedication to meeting individual wellness goals.

our team

Headshot of Coach Andrew Walls

Andrew Walls

Founder, Coach, & pt

Scott Fenwick Leisure Consultant

Scott Fenwick

partner, manager & business consultant

John Toomey

John Toomey

International Speaker, Writer & Thoughtleader

Ryan Personal Trainer in Dubai, in front of Burj Al Arab.

Ryan Hanna

coach & pt

Headshot of Dr Shilpa

Dr Sreenath

Counselling Psychologist

Claudia female personal trainer Dubai

Claudia Carmona

yoga teacher & pt

Image of Aisha with her hands in a pray pose, outdoors

Aisha Basova

Yoga Teacher

Janet Yoga Teacher Dubai

Janet Graham

Yoga teacher

Yoga teacher sitting smiling in a round swinging chair in Dubai

Joanne Coates

Yoga Teacher & Coach

Image of woman with dark hair smiling outdoors in a FLOW vest

Nuni Soriano

yoga teacher

Coach Andrew Walls founded Flow Wellness Group after witnessing the shortcomings of traditional fitness and wellness approaches. His experience in leading wellness retreats in Thailand showed him the power of a holistic approach to health. This inspired him to create Flow Wellness Group, aiming to integrate solid science with holistic practices for sustainable well-being.

FLOW stands for “Find a Life of Wellbeing.” It encapsulates the company’s mission to guide individuals towards a balanced and fulfilling life by addressing their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Unlike many wellness organisations that focus on short-term fixes, Flow Wellness Group is built on the foundation of long-term behavioural change and the integration of traditional and modern wellness practices. This approach is backed by measurable data to ensure lasting transformation.

Our services cater to a wide range of individuals, including professionals, business owners, and corporate clients. We specialise in addressing stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, and other challenges that hinder personal and professional growth, by helping people to become the best version of themselves.

We offer personalised wellness coaching, personal training, private yoga sessions, and comprehensive online wellness programs. Additionally, we provide corporate wellness solutions and leisure & wellness consultancy.

While we have numerous client success stories, one standout example includes helping a client overcome chronic stress and significantly improve their physical health through a personalised wellness plan. More stories can be found on our website, showcasing our holistic approach’s impact.

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals with degrees and certifications in sports and exercise science, nutrition, personal training, yoga, and behavioural change. Founder Andrew Walls, for example, holds degrees in sport and exercise science and business management, among other qualifications.

Our vision is to expand our unique wellness approach beyond Scotland and the UK, making holistic and scientifically backed wellness accessible worldwide. We aim to continue innovating and adapting our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Begin by visiting our website and filling out the contact form with your interests and goals. Our team will reach out to discuss your needs and how we can support your journey toward a life of wellbeing.

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If you are based in United Kingdom and you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to –  andrew@flowwellnessgroup.com.

We will put your resume on file and contact you for future opportunities.