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A wellness coach is an expert facilitator of mindset and behaviour change that generates a sustainable healthy lifestyle and fosters well-being and thriving.

They help to make an impact on some of the toughest challenges of modern life: the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, chronic stress, distracted minds, and ever-rising healthcare costs. A total of 80% of chronic disease is a result of unhealthy lifestyles and now — more than ever before — people need to focus on living lifestyles that promote good health and wellbeing. This is where wellness coaches excel.

We operate throughout Dubai by offering a mobile service and also an online service. Plans are in the works to establish a home base to bring our health and wellness concepts to life in a physical space.

In the cooler months we provide group circuit classes and yoga classes. For more information, please refer to our services pages.

Results will vary from person to person as there are many factors involved. We do not believe in shortcuts and understand that real change takes time. That being said, we do recommend at least three months to see significant visual changes to your body. In the shorter term you can expect to feel more energetic, get stronger, improve your fitness, handle stress more effectively, and much more.

Fill in our consultation form or give us a call. If you are unsure what it is you need help with we are happy to give you a free consultation to establish your needs and goals in order to recommend the best solution for you.

We only offer discounts via our partners or when we run any special promotion.

Yes, you can mix your sessions if you wish to do so. For example, you might decide to do 1x PT and 1x yoga per week. We will charge you our 2x per week session rate for this.

No, we will bring equipment to you. However, we will recommend equipment for you to buy so you can keep your routine going when you want to train by yourself.

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