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What is wellness coaching?

Many of us set ourselves Health, Fitness and Wellness goals — to lose weight, say, meditate daily, or to eat healthier food every day ,and so forth — the problem is you can often struggle to achieve your goals or sustain results despite having the best of intentions.

The problem is people often set vague actions around their goals and have high unrealistic expectations of themselves. You may be highly motivated when you set goals and actions, but as soon as life gets in the way the motivation levels can dip and you end up failing. And that’s because you may have overreached your ability in the first place — a classic example is someone who’s unfit and rarely goes inside a gym setting a New Year’s resolution to join the gym and go five days a week. 

So how do you stop the endless negative cycle back into old habits and instead convert short-term goals into the lifelong positive behaviours that underpin true fitness, health, and wellbeing? 

We have found a highly successful solution

Our system, developed by FLOW Wellness Group founder Andrew Walls, aligns a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing with hard science, making it possible to track and measure every step you take towards creating a healthy lifestyle built on solid foundations. 

We help to simplify the process of change through the use of  positive psychology, behaviour change, and habit formation techniques as these are the foundations to our wellness coaching service.

None of this can happen overnight as lasting change takes time, but all FLOW coaches and consultants have the experience and knowledge needed to help empower you to stay motivated as you reach your long-term, sustainable goals.


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AED 500 per month
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AED 375 per session
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We can also offer you a fully personalised diet and nutrition plan — just contact us for more information.

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We understand that choosing a health and fitness path is very personal. That’s why we offer a no obligation free consultation with a member of our team so you can find out whether our approach is right for you. Simply book your call now and we’ll take it from there.

The FLOW coaching app

As a FLOW wellness coaching client, you’ll get full access to our app, which automatically links to Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and Withings health trackers to pull in and monitor all your health data.

You’ll get a full demo at the start of your FLOW wellness coaching programme.

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