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What is life coaching?

Many of us set ourselves Health, Fitness and Wellness goals — to lose weight, say, meditate daily, or to eat healthier food every day ,and so forth — the problem is you can often struggle to achieve your goals or sustain results despite having the best of intentions.

The problem is people often set vague actions around their goals and have high unrealistic expectations of themselves. You may be highly motivated when you set goals and actions, but as soon as life gets in the way the motivation levels can dip and you end up failing. And that’s because you may have overreached your ability in the first place — a classic example is someone who’s unfit and rarely goes inside a gym setting a New Year’s resolution to join the gym and go five days a week. 

So how do you stop the endless negative cycle back into old habits and instead convert short-term goals into the lifelong positive behaviours that underpin true fitness, health, and wellbeing? 

We have found a highly successful solution

Our system, developed by FLOW Wellness Group founder Andrew Walls, aligns a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing with hard science, making it possible to track and measure every step you take towards creating a healthy lifestyle built on solid foundations. 

We help to simplify the process of change through the use of  positive psychology, behaviour change, and habit formation techniques as these are the foundations to our wellness coaching service.

None of this can happen overnight as lasting change takes time, but all FLOW coaches and consultants have the experience and knowledge needed to help empower you to stay motivated as you reach your long-term, sustainable goals.

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life coaching options

monthly life coaching

This is for people who want a tailored approach and want to make a real long term lifestyle change
£100 per month
  • one to one coaching (45 mins)
  • customised program
  • tailored workouts
  • meal plan
  • ongoing support & guidance
Best Choice

coaching session

This is for people who require additional coaching or do not wish to commit to a monthly program
£75 per session
  • one to one coaching (45 mins)
  • support & guidance

What results can i expect?

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We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to help get you on the right path and to understand more about you and how we can help. 

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The FLOW coaching app

Elevate your health journey with FLOW – the all-in-one wellness app. Track progress, manage workouts, and foster healthy habits seamlessly. Enjoy features like daily tasks, meal and habit tracking, a comprehensive activity log, and a calendar to plan your fitness journey. Connect with your coach instantly, join our community group for support, and integrate easily with your wearable devices.

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Life coaching at Flow Wellness Group is a transformative process that targets health, fitness, and wellness goals. It tackles the challenge of achieving and sustaining results through a holistic approach, combining physical and mental well-being strategies with scientific tracking to ensure progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

Our life coaching service transcends traditional fitness programs by integrating positive psychology, behaviour change, and habit formation techniques. Developed by our founder, Andrew Walls, this system ensures measurable, sustainable changes by focusing on the foundations of wellness coaching.

The monthly life coaching program offers a personalised approach to long-term lifestyle change. It includes one-on-one coaching sessions, a customised program tailored to your goals, designed workouts, meal plans, and ongoing support and guidance, all for £100 per month. You can add on extra coaching sessions if you require.

Yes, for those looking for coaching without the monthly commitment, we offer coaching sessions at £50 per session. These sessions provide one-on-one coaching, along with support and guidance tailored to your needs.

Participants can expect a variety of benefits, including developing a growth mindset, achieving both short-term and long-term goals, natural healing of body and mind, increased energy levels, improved stress management, better sleep quality, and the establishment of lifelong positive habits.

All Flow coaches and consultants are highly experienced and knowledgeable, equipped to empower you to reach your sustainable goals. They use a combination of positive psychology, behaviour change, and habit formation techniques to support your journey.

To sign up for our life coaching services, you can visit our website and choose either the monthly life coaching option or a single coaching session. Follow the sign-up process to begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.