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weight loss through a fresh approach to food

struggled with her weight

Monica — who is in her mid-40s — had struggled for much of her life with her weight, and came to FLOW looking for a new approach.FLOW founder Andrew Walls focused on Monica’s problematic nutritional behaviour, helping her develop the habits and mindfulness to help her build a healthier relationship with the foods she eats. As a result of a year’s online coaching, she now understands how to maintain the balance between choosing nutritious food day-to-day without feeling guilty about the occasional chocolate bar.

Andrew created strength-focused exercise routines to increase Monica’s muscle mass and improve her metabolism, and delivered these online through regular workouts she did at her home or in the gym. Her program was regularly reviewed, and Andrew made small incremental changes as Monica progressed.

Despite some health issues along the way, Monica saw significant results during the year she worked with Andrew, losing more than 25kg in body weight. Her ability to handle stress improved significantly, and she is now able to motivate herself to continue her program even when tempted to give up. 

losing 25kg in the year working with flow

‘I designed Monica’s program to be progressive and enjoyable and she has come a long way. It’s important to understand that results should never just be measured against a number on a scale — this is only a small measurement of success when it comes to health and wellbeing.’ 

Coach andrew

‘The support I’ve received from Andrew and FLOW has been unbelievable: not only did I lose almost four stones in weight in the space of a few months, but I have learned how to manage my relationship with food. 

‘FLOW is not about using fad diets, but working within your capabilities and improving your overall health and habits. I highly recommend FLOW to anyone looking not only to lose weight but to set overall life-changing habits.’


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We understand that choosing a health and fitness path is very personal. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute consultation with a FLOW wellness coach so you can find out whether our approach is right for you. Simply book your call now and we’ll take it from there.