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Omar was unhappy with how he looked and how he felt. He struggled with confidence and had tried various ways to lose weight that most often resulted in losing weight and then gaining it back again.

He reached a point in his life where he wanted to make a real change to his lifestyle, and this is where we began our journey together.

Coach Andrew worked with Omar for almost three years, helping him to motivate and manage life’s ups and downs throughout his weight loss journey. 

Omar had always been someone who struggled to control his weight, often bingeing on food and then feeling bad about himself later for doing so.

He knew something had to change as he’s reached middle age and really wanted to take control of his life. He decided to sign up for personal training with Coach Andrew.

They focused on consistent weight training combined with high intensity exercise, as this was the type of exercise that Omar enjoyed and that got him the most effective results.

It wasn’t all plain sailing and there were times where life got in the way. Omar at times struggled to manage his work life balance . However, with the help of regular wellness coaching sessions, he was able to stay on track and keep up the level of consistency required to achieve his goals.

Omar was so happy with the results he achieved and most importantly he developed a growth mindset that allowed him to continue his journey and get into power lifting. His journey didn’t stop once he lost the weight he wanted to. He continued to reevaluate his goals, set actions to keep progressing – identifying now as someone who lives a healthy and active lifestyle.

Changed his identity from someone who struggles to lose weight, to someone who manages his weight healthily

”I like the fact that FLOW is more than just physical fitness. I can do a gym workout or go jogging whenever I want and FLOW encourages and supports that. But FLOW has also helped me to develop a better understanding of my habits and patterns, the motivations and thought processes behind them and how I can best bring about the kind of changes that I want to achieve in my life. If you’re looking to start on your own personal development – body and mind – I would highly recommend FLOW”


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