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unhealthy staff habits...

Bedu Tech’s small team were spending more than half their working week operating remotely in predominantly sedentary roles, and this had generated a range of health challenges that had left them feeling fragmented and stressed.

Staff members had developed unhealthy habits, with nine out of 10 seriously overweight and all of them lacking motivation as a result — both at work and at home.

Management tasked FLOW founder Andrew Walls and his team with reversing this trend, initially with a 12-week program which has since been extended indefinitely. The aim was to increase exercise and daily activity levels, focusing first on health screening and then creating personal wellness programs delivered via the FLOW coaching app, providing regular group exercise classes, and organising a monthly fun activity. These included escape rooms, bowling, golf, and cycling.

increasing exercise & activity levels

At the end of the initial three-month period, all 10 Bedu Tech staff had lost at least 2kg from their original starting weight, both energy and perceived motivation levels had increased dramatically, and they reported feeling fitter and more energised than they had in a long time. One said: ‘Working remotely had made me feel isolated, and I’d put on over 5kg. I feel much stronger now than I did and this program really helped to bring the team together.’

‘An internal staff survey had revealed that more than 60% of Bedu Tech staff felt demotivated right across their lives, and nine out of the 10 involved in the program had a BMI of more than 25 at the start. 

We began by establishing baseline metrics using health and wellness questionnaires, biometrics, and workplace assessments before creating bespoke programs and coaching for each employee.

Alongside these, we also ran three group personal training and yoga sessions a week — these achieved a 70% attendance rate — and the monthly activity which gave Bedu Tech’s team a chance to meet informally and just have fun.’

Coach andrew

‘We are a small business and I felt it was important to create a vibrant culture where people could feel a greater sense of connectedness.

The FLOW team really helped us achieve this, and Andrew was heavily involved throughout which I felt added to the value they brought to Bedu Tech.’

Bedu Tech owner Steve Baker