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bespoke plans for each employee

FLOW was asked by Sharjah Capability & Development to deliver a two-month wellness and nutrition program for 18 staff members through bespoke plans for each individual involved.

The participants were each assigned their own wellness coach and dietician, whose first task was to understand their clients’ needs and goals. The FLOW team used questionnaires and one-to-one video consultations to lay the groundwork before getting to work on developing and delivering the plans through the FLOW coaching app

A wide range of needs and goals emerged during the discovery process, with weight management, health issues, chronic stress, sleep problems, back pain, and wanting to improve fitness among the most common.

As each individual had different aspirations, the main focus during the eight-week program was to develop targeted healthy habits and behaviours through daily and weekly check-ins via the FLOW app. This was complemented by a monthly wellness coaching session to review progress and make changes if needed.

Results varied from participant to participant, but those who actively took part for the whole two-month period posted very positive results including weight loss, muscle gain, improved sleep, reduced stress, increased energy and focus, and an overall more positive frame of mind.

positive results including weight loss, muscle gain & reduced stress

Feedback was very positive, with a survey showing 100% of those who took part happy to recommend FLOW to friends and family, and 72% saying they had experienced positive changes to their habits, behaviour, and lifestyle.

‘We took a new approach to this program by individualising it to match the participants’ specific needs and goals — our usual corporate approach is to provide the same overall plan for all involved.

This worked well, and throughout the process our main goal was to support and motivate each participant, something our post-program survey shows we clearly achieved.’

Coach andrew

“I really enjoyed working with the coaching team. They are very approachable and welcoming to suggestions and open to talk about any issue”

SCD spokesperson