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previous attempts at finding workplace solutions had been unsuccessful

Oil trading company EOT was seeing absenteeism due to illness rising year on year, with stress, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating habits among the key issues identified by staff.

Previous attempts at finding workplace wellness solutions had been unsuccessful, and productivity was being affected by the number of days lost to sickness.

The FLOW team put in place a 12-week program for a group of 30 EOT employees who they screened before creating wellness programs targeting key target areas such as weight loss, stress, sleep, nutrition, and habit formation. These were delivered through the FLOW wellness app

They also created personalised programs for any employees requesting one, and ran coaching sessions as well as group wellness workshops and exercise classes which included personal training and yoga.

Three months later, 70% of the EOT staff taking part had lost more than 5% of their body fat, 30% saw a reduction in cholesterol, and 67% a drop in blood pressure. Perceived stress levels fell by 20%, and 25% of those involved were exercising at least three times a week.

perceived stress levels fell by 20% over a 3 month period

‘This largely sedentary workforce had an obesity rate of more than 40% before the FLOW team began working with the group, who were also reporting a variety of chronic health issues.

These challenges were in turn creating a high-stress environment leading to burn-out among higher management and because previous attempts to address this had failed, we knew we had to find solutions the staff would really engage with.

The data tells the story, and staff told us that by focusing on better nutrition and exercise habits, together with daily contact via the FLOW app, they have been able to maintain weight loss for the first time while gaining better control of their stress levels.’

Coach andrew

‘The FLOW approach showed our people that lifestyle change is better approached not through short-term solutions but through a mindset shift that opens the door to a more balanced life.

The main objective was always to help the team, but it’s great to see that creating a happier, healthier workforce has also had a positive knock-on effect on our bottom line.’

EOT CEO Wilf Laugher