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FLOW Yoga and Meditation is a new service we have have introduced from October 2021. It is aimed at helping you to bring more balance into your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our approach to Yoga and Meditation is to combine traditional and modern practices so that you can add them seamlessly into your lifestyle and enjoy its many health enhancing benefits.

Yoga and Meditation has many health benefits and we will ensure that you practice the style that aligns with your needs. As with all of our wellness services, we focus on steady progress towards your goals and help you to make it part of your lifestyle. We offer a variety of styles to cater for the different needs and goals. Some of the practices we teach are; Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, and Pranayama Breathing. Our teachers are constantly learning so please ask us if there is a particular style you’d like to practice.

We are available to serve you throughout Dubai and can also work online via video call if you are located outside of Dubai. If you are looking for a complete wellness change you can combine your sessions with our Wellness Coaching Programmes

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Private Yoga and Meditation Session Rates

1x session per week

AED 300

Per SessionApprox AED1200 per month

2x session per week

AED 250

Per SessionApprox AED2000 per month

3x session per week

AED 225

Per SessionApprox AED2700 per month

Our Private Session rates are outlined above. Sessions are calculated on a monthly basis and session rates vary depending on the number of times you choose to train per week.

If you struggle with unhealthy Habits and Behaviours you can choose to upgrade your package to include the FLOW Coaching App  and Wellness Coaching Programmes – Prices starting AED250 per month.

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