What is positivity?

The word ‘positive’ is banded around so much these days. If you aren’t hearing about it on your TV or radio you will definitely hear about it on social media. The world has gone mad over this idea and people who aren’t SEEN to be positive in their lives are somehow the focus of criticism. In this blog I am going to briefly cover my thoughts on this subject and the give some of my tips for how to be positive in your life.

So, you will have noticed that I put the word ‘seen’ in big bold letters! My reasoning for this is simple. By societal standards if you are seen to be positive then you are viewed as having a good mindset, and if you aren’t seen to be positive then clearly you aren’t living your life to the fullest. You may even hear people say to get negative people out of your life and surround yourself with positive people. But, is it really that simple?

In my opinion the answer to that question is no. It isn’t as simple as outcasting people from your life simply because they aren’t showing signs of perceived positivity. Let me explain what I mean by that; For me a positive person isn’t the person who you see on social media posting happy pictures with quotes (yes I do that myself). Let’s be real here – It’s easy to be positive when everything is going well in life and post a few positive quotes from time to time. It’s easy to snap a picture, add a few nice words and click post. However, that to me isn’t true positivity. True positivity in my opinion is when you have an unwavering belief that no matter what you encounter in life you will be able to see it through and come out on the other side successfully. If you aren’t successful then you take the lesson from it and apply it to your life.

Let me give you an example from my own experiences. A few years ago I was in a relationship and was always being told I was negative because I wasn’t appearing to be positive on the outside. My partner at the time appeared to be an extremely positive person on the outside but on the inside it was an entirely different story. Whenever we had problems that positive person who was being displayed to the world would crumble away and all the internal negativity would come out. The irony here is that I was always being told I was the negative person because I wasn’t displaying this happy facade on the outside, but I can guarantee you that my internal belief was always positive. I always feel there is way to solve problems. Now I am not for one second saying my ex was a negative person, but I feel she truly didn’t grasp what positivity was the way I did.

You see, I have this mindset that no matter what happens in my life that I will come out stronger for it and become a better version of myself. I wasn’t born with this mindset. It is something I have developed through life and the reason I want to share my views and experience of positivity is to say that being positive is not about showing you are positive. Yes it’s great to show positivity and inspire other people but you need to really mean it and more importantly you have to believe it deep inside. My job involves me helping people to change their lives and I feel I have finally found my calling in life. I have really grasped what being positive is all about now and my mission is to help others do the same. Behind every positive post I make I can promise you I mean it with all of my heart.

So, without dragging this on, I will list my top tips for developing a positive mindset.

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This is my number one and non-negotiable to developing a positive mindset. Without gratitude it becomes easy to always look for the negativity around you. If you consciously look for reasons to be grateful in your life you will start to notice your mindset begin to shift. For example how about being grateful for your senses? Your eyes that let you see, your ears that let you listen….i’m sure you get the point I am trying to make. There are so many simple things in our lives to be grateful for but we tend to take these for granted and instead focus on negativity. If you catch yourself thinking something negative try to immediately follow it up with something to be grateful for.


Regular exercise will help you to get into a good frame of mind. It doesn’t need to be intense exercise. Anything for around 30 mins will help to release your body’s natural hormones and make you feel uplifted. It’s your own natural anti-depressant so don’t underestimate the power of exercise.

Be present

Modern life can often get away from us. It’s like being caught in a strong current and being carried out to sea. We can just go along with it but it means that life can just pass you by and become automatic. Take time to just slow down and open up your senses. Tune into what is going on around you. Listen to the sounds, look at the colours in the sky. You will be surprised at how powerful it can be just to slow down and be present.

Positive circle

You will remember I mentioned about the idea of casting away negative people from your life. Well I somewhat agree and disagree with this. I believe it isn’t so simple to do that. Our loved ones can be negative, our long-term friends could be negative and yes it can be draining especially over a prolonged period of time. What I suggest is communicating with people who are a negative drain on you. Anyone you feel brings you stress or brings you down. Talk to them and try to help each other. If they don’t listen then you need to put yourself first and limit your time with them. Sometimes you will have to remove certain people from your life but that’s your call and not for me to determine. What I do suggest is spending more time and energy on people who uplift you and genuinely want to see you do well in life.


Meditation is such a powerful tool to develop your mind. I personally meditate a few times a week and am building myself up to be more consistent with it. I love to visualise my future and my success as this puts me into a positive frame of mind and affirms my course in life. With meditation you have to experiment and find what suits you but it is definitely something you should try to have a deeper understanding of yourself.

You are what you eat and drink

What you put into your body can dramatically affect your mood. If you have time then check out my blog on ‘Food For Mood’. Keeping well hydrated can make your mind and body function optimally. Have you ever how you can feel groggy after eating junk food? Or you feel like crap because you know you ate too much? Another huge one is alcohol. The day after drinking you can feel depressed and anxious. So, be mindful of what you choose to put into your body and more importantly how often you do so.


I have got myself into the habit of opening my curtains pretty much as soon as I wake up. Even if it’s cloudy it’s nice to get some natural light onto your face. Even better if it is sunshine. You get Vitamin D from the sun and this helps to boost your mood. If you live in a country with limited sunshine then it could be a good idea to get a supplement or make sure you are eating enough foods to boost your mood.

So that is that. Just remember that being positive doesn’t have to be about showing you are positive. If you believe it on the inside then that is what truly counts. Realise that you are ultimately in control of your own thoughts and emotions. If you feel down a lot then look for ways to slowly improve that. Maybe you have your own ways of bringing positivity into your life that I haven’t mentioned, and that’s great. It is a subjective area and you need to find what makes you tick.

Don’t let life pass you by. Grab the bull by the horns and dictate your life the way you want it to be!

Coach Andrew

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