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Nutrition Coaching

Have you tried fad diets? Have you used meal replacement supplements? Does your weight go up and down? Do you struggle knowing what to eat and overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information out there? Do you struggle to control your eating habits? 

Chances are you can answer yes to these questions. Chances are you’ve managed to lose weight doing fad diets or taking meal replacement supplements. Do you know why?

Quite simply they put you in an extreme calorie deficit so of course you will lose weight. But is it sustainable? No.

Our bespoke meal plans take a much healthier and long term approach to nutrition. We customise a nutrition plan for you that fits your goals and needs. The reason we take this approach is because we want to educate you on what a good healthy diet is, and more importantly allow you to sustain it.

Check out our nutrition options below and let us take away the guess work for you. We recommend you add these to your programs but these can also be purchased separately.

Bespoke Nutrition Plans

  • 30 min Nutritional Consultation
  • Bespoke nutrition plan.
  • Recipes.
  • Shopping list.
  • Integrates into the FLOW Client Hub.

AED250 per plan

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Comprehensive Bespoke Nutrition Plans

  • 60 min Nutritional Consultation with FLOW Clinical Nutritionist.
  • Bespoke nutrition plan + Supplements prescription if required.
  • Integrates into the FLOW Client Hub.
  • Personalised food recommendations.
  • Recipes.
  • Shopping list.
  • Pathology testing and report. If required at an additional cost. Will be discussed during consultation.
  • 45 min follow up nutrition consultation to review and adjust.

AED750 per plan

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Recipe Packs (Coming in October 2021)

  • Recipes packs you can start using today.
  • Shopping List.
  • Scan the bar code straight into My Fitness Pal.

AED100 per pack

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