Are you finding it difficult to stay healthy both physically and mentally? If so, this short article is for you.

Being on lockdown can be hard on your wellbeing both physically and mentally. Your normal routine is thrown out of whack and if you aren’t mindful it can lead to all sorts of problems. Unless you’re keeping up a good exercise regime, your activity level is going to be lower, meaning you aren’t expending as much energy on a daily basis. This can lead to weight gain especially if you aren’t being mindful of how much food and drink you are consuming. It can be easy to under estimate how many calories you’re consuming. Having a positive calorie balance of just 500kcals per day will lead to gaining around 0.5kg of fat per week.

This is just one example of the problems you can face from a physical perspective, but how about the mental toll? Your mental health can be impacted significantly by what is happening with your body physically, and the external environment around you. You can be left with a sense of worry and feeling low, especially if you’re not getting any form of regular physical activity in your day

So enough about the problems you may be facing, let’s turn your attention to what you CAN DO to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Having an acceptance of the situation is important. Accepting what is happening and that you have no real control over it. Once you accept it you can start to focus on what you can do.

Woman stretching on an exercise mat in her home


Introduce some form of physical activity into your day. This can be something as simple as going for a walk outside to get your body moving and to help with improving your mood. If you want something a bit more testing then try a home HIIT workout or have a run. This will get the heart pumping and your body producing feel good hormones. If you do this earlier in your day, you’ll feel setup in a positive frame of mind for the rest of your day.


Watch your food intake. Being at home most of the day means you aren’t burning as much energy as usual. It can be easy to gain excess weight and get yourself into a downward spiral. Find a way that works for you. Some examples of good food management – Calorie tracking, diet diaries, portion controls, and making good healthy choices. You can even try your hand at healthy cooking more now that you have more time at home.

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A glass of water being poured


Drink plenty of fluids and limit alcohol intake. Aim to drink 8-10 glasses of fluids per day. Water is great, fresh juices, and teas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having alcohol but keep in mind not to overdo it. Alcohol is a depressant and will leave you feeling lower over time.


Rest up and give your mind and body enough time to recover. Aim for 8 hours of sleep per day and go to bed and wake up at a regular time. Give yourself time to relax and try to avoid continuously watching the news. It can be overwhelming to listen to all the negativity from outside.

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Life will go back to normal eventually. Stay positive, keep strong and focus on what you control. Take time to understand and accept the situation. Accept your emotions and try to deal with it in a positive way by doing what you can to stay healthy. If you need to talk about it, talk to friends and family, and if you need anymore tips on your wellbeing be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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