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Bedu Tech

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Bedu Tech fragmented to fit and energised Wellness Coaching Corporate wellness Personal Training unhealthy staff habits… Bedu Tech’s small team were spending more than half their working week operating remotely in predominantly sedentary roles, and this had generated a range of health challenges that had left them feeling fragmented and stressed. Staff members had developed […]

Sharjah Capability & Development

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Sharjah Capability & Development workplace wellbeing Wellness Coaching Corporate wellness Personal Training bespoke plans for each employee FLOW was asked by Sharjah Capability & Development to deliver a two-month wellness and nutrition program for 18 staff members through bespoke plans for each individual involved. The participants were each assigned their own wellness coach and dietician, […]

EOT Co Ltd

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EOT Co Ltd happier and healthier workforce Wellness Coaching Corporate wellness Personal Training previous attempts at finding workplace solutions had been unsuccessful Oil trading company EOT was seeing absenteeism due to illness rising year on year, with stress, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating habits among the key issues identified by staff. Previous […]