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Can I exercise when I am unwell?

Image taken from behind of a woman wearing a blue top and pink hat running outdoors in a forest with trees and leaves on the ground

Working out has been shown to lower your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, as well as help you maintain a healthy weight and boost your immune system. While it is undeniable that exercise is beneficial to one’s health, many people wonder whether exercising while sick will help or hinder their recovery. […]

The Key to Having a Successful Relationship With Fitness

Girl in black sportswear, smilling and jogging outdoors with a blue sky and lake in the background

We’ve all experienced a burst of inspiration to embark on a new exercise program. We may have ridiculously high expectations and goals for ourselves, or we may labour ourselves to the bone in order to achieve immediate results. Before we realise it, we’re suffering and dissatisfied since there hasn’t been any change. We are all […]

Making the Right Morning Choices

Overhead image of hands prepping salad leaves, with dates, cheese, red pepper and a lemon on chopping boards in the background

It’s no secret that mornings are extremely important when it comes to your fitness and wellbeing journey. They set the tone for the whole day. You set yourself up for success if you start your day off well, and you’re more likely to maintain it that way for the remainder of the day. It’s all […]


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