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October 21, 2022

Can I exercise when I am unwell?

Working out has been shown to lower your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, as well as help you maintain a healthy weight and boost your immune system.

While it is undeniable that exercise is beneficial to one’s health, many people wonder whether exercising while sick will help or hinder their recovery.

However, there isn’t a yes or no answer.

Know Your Limits

The issue is, your typical workout routine, in which you’re breathing hard and pushing your body, activates the body’s stress response. When you’re healthy, your body adapts to stress and grows stronger as a result.

But when you’re sick, your immune system is already stressed. Adding more with a hard workout or some challenging cardio might overload the system. That means you could become more unwell.

It’s best to avoid your normal workout routine if you believe your illness will cause you to work out less intensely. Our training philosophy at FLOW Wellness emphasises intensity, but we also want to look after your mental health more than anything. We would rather you be healthy and push your limits for a short period of time than feel miserable for the duration of your workout.

When you’re sick, this doesn’t mean you have to become a couch potato. You can continue regular exercise while recovering as long as you’re doing the right type of movement.

Always listen to your doctor’s advice when sick. If they recommend avoiding all exercise, they’re probably doing it for a reason. However, if you’re allowed to exercise, low-intensity movements can help you feel more comfortable and recover faster. What does this include? Think about things like walking or an easy pace on your favorite cardio machine if you have one at home. Or, you can create a mini-circuit. Our advice would be to get out for a walk and get some fresh-air in to your lungs.

Home Workouts

Most of us have had to train at home at some point in the last few years thanks to COVID. Because the risk of infecting others is low, the temptation to exercise while you’re sick is greater.

Gym Etiquette

If you are feeling fit and healthy enough to get along to a gym, please remember that you might be increasing the chances of others becoming sick. Wipe down all of your equipment and wear a mask wherever possible.

To conclude, just remember to understand your limits and don’t do anything that may be detrimental to your general health. One day off is not going to mess up all of your hard work, in fact, it may help your body strengthen. Lastly, if you aren’t feeling fit enough to work out then make sure to keep your diet healthy to boost your immune system.

Yours In wellness,

Coach Andrew