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October 13, 2022

The Key to Having a Successful Relationship With Fitness

We’ve all experienced a burst of inspiration to embark on a new exercise program. We may have ridiculously high expectations and goals for ourselves, or we may labour ourselves to the bone in order to achieve immediate results. Before we realise it, we’re suffering and dissatisfied since there hasn’t been any change.

We are all aware that this strategy will never result in a long-term connection with fitness. But we know the secret and have some helpful recommendations to help you change your present (or lack of) fitness drive into something that will burn bright for months, if not years!

Rethink your attitude to fitness, reevaluate your goals, and rethink how you’ll reach them.



When it comes to exercise, one size definitely does not fit all. We are all unique individuals with various preferences for what we like to accomplish while wearing our training gear. Some like cardio, while others prefer strength training, yet others advocate for the yoga lifestyle. Not all fitness is for everyone, and the secret to sticking to a fitness plan is to do only what you enjoy.

It’s pointless to force yourself to commit to three cardio workouts per week if you despise the idea. You’ll equate exercise with fear and disgust, and you may eventually abandon your programme entirely.

Try a wide range of activities and classes to discover what makes you tick.


















When you join a gym, you are limited and constrained to that location. They may have a lot of programmes and a gym, but having the choice to choose your own place allows you to break down the barrier of convenience.

Have you ever left work feeling inspired to work out, but by the time you go to the gym near your house, you’re too exhausted to do so? Or do you want to take a quick class on the weekend but are put off by the prospect of walking into town?

Having a personal trainer who can come to you and/or educate you on enjoyable workouts that can be done on your own in the privacy of your own home or the great outdoors can go a massive way in allowing you to enjoy and feel confident about fitness.

 Setting the Right Goals

We feel energised to squeeze more out of life when we are active. That is one attitude to remember when starting a new exercise routine. Developing a long-term connection with fitness entails setting long-term goals while never losing sight of the numerous benefits of working out.

Keep in mind that your objectives will not be met in a single session or overnight. Losing weight, running a 10k, touching your toes – whatever your objective, keep it in mind, but don’t overlook the short-term feel-good components.

Your first few weeks of exercise will be difficult if you are absolutely new to fitness or have taken a break. But don’t let it shake your faith. Keep track of how you feel afterwards.

Your fitness journey will have highs and lows, but keep thinking about the destination. That first step never has to be repeated once you’ve taken it.


Yours In wellness,

Coach Andrew