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October 4, 2022

Making the Right Morning Choices

It’s no secret that mornings are extremely important when it comes to your fitness and wellbeing journey. They set the tone for the whole day.

You set yourself up for success if you start your day off well, and you’re more likely to maintain it that way for the remainder of the day. It’s all about the little victories and habits we cultivate on a daily basis that build up to bigger outcomes.

Today, we’d like to share some unhealthy morning routines that you might be affecting your physical wellbeing. These things we all tend to do in the morning can ruin your performance, productivity level, and can leave you feeling unmotivated and unhealthy in general. Let’s get started!


Not Hydrating as Soon as Possible

The importance of hydration in the morning should not be overlooked. First and foremost, since proper hydration is essential for good health. Making the practise of drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is an excellent approach to making hydration a daily routine. Plus, consuming it first thing in the morning aids digestion and jumpstarts bowel movement.

Breakfast Choices

With no thanks to fad diets, breakfast now appears to have become an afterthought. However, eating a morning meal is critical in so many ways. To begin with, your body and mind require nutrition in order to engage in everyday tasks. Missing breakfast will not help you achieve your goal of an invigorated and productive morning. It’s not to say you should eat if you’re not hungry; however, if you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, getting caught up in the day and not eating until noon is not the ideal option.

Alternatively, when you are having breakfast, try and ensure it is as balanced as possible. The only thing worse than missing breakfast altogether is indulging in unhealthy foods first thing in the morning which do not nourish you with the right energy.

Inconsistent Awakenings

Waking up at the same time each morning allows you to start completing every single step of your morning routine. You will now have the time to do all the things you’d like to, with the stressful morning rush becoming a thing of the past, alongside anxious thoughts. Soon you’ll be beating the alarm to get your first small victory of the day.

Leaving an Unmade Bed

Talking of small victories, making your bed every day can be the difference between a positive and negative mindset. There is a sense of discipline in making a bed when you wake up every morning. Therefore, it adds structure to your day and helps you feel organized, and it may reduce your stress and improve your mood. It’s all about those little wins in the morning which keep you winning all day long. Organizing your space before you do anything else creates a clean environment that increases your productivity and brings tranquillity in general.

Start your day off right and let the rest take care of itself.

Yours In wellness,

Coach Andrew