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unhappy teenager to successful entrepreneur

unhealthy, overweight and lacking in confidence

Sara was just 16 when she began working with FLOW founder Andrew Walls and was unhealthy, overweight, and lacking in confidence. She’d tried several diet approaches, from low-carb to juicing, but her understanding of the process was limited and she had seen little success.

And so began a year-long transformation with the focus on Andrew finding types of exercise Sara enjoyed — principally circuit training and running. She also spent a lot of time learning about nutrition and adopting the basic guidelines and principles Andrew set for her.

Slowly but surely, her body began to transform. More important, though, her mindset changed: Sara became empowered and confident in her ability to succeed, and now not only looks amazing but is able to sustain her healthy lifestyle without FLOW’s support as she builds her career as a successful entrepreneur. 

became empowered and confident

‘Much of Sara’s success is testament to her persistence and positive mindset. There were times when she was close to giving up, but I was able to motivate her to stay the course, and I feel privileged to have been part of her remarkable journey of transformation.’

Coach andrew

‘Before working with Andrew, I was unhealthy, my body was unhappy, and I was mentally dissatisfied. Through our training, I developed the mental strength to work harder. That’s allowed me to push myself physically and achieve my goal of losing more than 20kg.

I was also able to become more accountable to myself, and incorporate that into my lifestyle. It took time being consistent with exercise and diet, but I have never felt happier in my skin and my health.’ 


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We understand that choosing a health and fitness path is very personal. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute consultation with a FLOW wellness coach so you can find out whether our approach is right for you. Simply book your call now and we’ll take it from there.