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finding routine in a challenging work schedule

find strategies to overcome a disruptive routine

Rod has been working with FLOW founder Andrew Walls to find strategies to overcome the disruption to routine that goes with the territory when you work as air crew.Flying around the world with Emirates, travelling through different time zones, and sleeping at unnatural times all take a toll and Rod — who is in his early 40s — was finding himself going through periods of doing well with his health and fitness, and then doing badly.Over a period of two years, Andrew helped him incorporate behavioural change strategies into his life to help improve his sleep, nutrition, and exercise habits. 

As a result, Rod has changed his lifestyle and been able to weave the benefits of routine into his unpredictable working schedule. His sleep has improved dramatically, he feels stronger than he ever has felt before, and the results are showing up physically and mentally.

‘Rod’s job makes it so difficult to have a normal routine so it’s not surprising he was struggling. Through the work we’ve done together, he’s been able to become much more consistent and motivated and the results have made a huge difference to his overall health and wellbeing.’

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‘With FLOW and Andrew’s guidance, I’ve achieved key fitness goals — including losing weight, something I’d always struggled with before. My strength has more than doubled, and I would never have achieved this level of fitness and wellness without the personal attention I get in my FLOW training sessions.

‘Andrew has given me the tools to grow, including around healthy eating and the right training regimes, and I intend working with FLOW to maintain this high level of fitness for a long time to come!’


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We understand that choosing a health and fitness path is very personal. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute consultation with a FLOW wellness coach so you can find out whether our approach is right for you. Simply book your call now and we’ll take it from there.