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July 11, 2021

Consistency is key

Consistency is the magic ingredient for success, be it personal betterment, business, academics or just the relationships with loved ones. Without consistency and the will to stay steadfast in what you are trying to achieve, only failure awaits.

A child can never tie his shoelaces the very first try, he will only succeed when he tries again over and over till he finally figures it out the hundredth time. The same goes to adults, do you think anyone can play the piano flawlessly on their first attempt? The important thing is not to do it once, but to do it over and over again. To never stop until you achieve total mastery.

Be Committed and Persevere

Perseverance means having unwavering persistence in accomplishing anything no matter the difficulties and obstacles along the way. With perseverance, you can learn new skills, pass the exams, close a deal, achieve financial and personal success, and even build a castle for your family. Just like solving a jigsaw puzzle, if the piece doesn’t fit, try another one, and then another one until it’s completed. Without it, the puzzle would be left incomplete. Similarly, all goals are left unachieved, all success unknown till one learns to stay committed and persevere.

Push yourself to be patient and stay committed. Tell yourself why it’s important that you stay steadfast, remind yourself of why you must go on. Anyone can try once and give up, but only those who stay committed and persevere succeed in life. In being persistent towards achieving any goal in life, you learn from your failures. You learn what went wrong the first time. You learn how to overcome these obstacles rather than being paralyzed by them. Everything in life demands this commitment, from a successful career to a healthy relationship.

Have A Routine For Success

Having a routine is vital for success in general. Without proper division and allotment of time you give to a particular task every day, there is no way of achieving consistency. It should be such that your mind automatically rings a bell to remind what you must be doing at that particular hour.

For instance, think of your daily skin regimen before bed. To have a routine would mean having dinner on time, cleaning up the kitchen next and then heading to the bedroom to follow up with your skin care routine. Without a routine, a change in the timing of one thing would lead to a change in the other. With a late dinner, you might end up too exhausted and miss out on your daily routine.

We all know how that goes then, it’s missing out one day, then the next and so on.

So everything needs a proper allocation of time. What time do you wake up? How long do you work out for? What time do you eat? How much time can you afford to give to your hobbies? Are you giving enough time to friends and family? All of this needs to be set in order to achieve success. Being consistent with a routine maximises the benefits of all the hard work. In the long term, having a messed up routine will not only stand in your way of success but also mess up other aspects of life as well.

Create Good Habits

Being consistent leads to the development of good habits. Creating good habits ensures success in all areas of life. Doing something once in a while or when you get the time doesn’t get you anywhere near achieving your aims and aspirations. Instead, the keys to achieving any goals you set for are consistency and making quick decisions. This decision to do something every day is, in other words, your habits.

The first thing to keep in mind for creating good habits is to choose discipline and your priority over your mood. ‘I’m not in the mood to study today, might as well binge-watch a series’. ‘I’m a bit upset to work out today, skipping one day should not hurt.’

We’ve all been there. We’ve all chosen the ‘mood’ over consistency, which has eventually led to a failure in developing good habits. To help keep to the good habits you create, it’s a good idea to track your progress. This helps you know how beneficial the habit has been for you. The clearer you see the results, the more motivated you will be to persist until you succeed.

For example, if you have a goal set on your weight and how much you want to lose, keeping a record every week should help you see a clearer pattern of the good that is coming from your habit of exercise. When you see the actual figure on scale, you’ll get more enthusiastic and positive about your workout and how it turns out for you.

No results can be seen over night

Nothing is achieved in one go. Achievements take a long, persistent struggle. Success isn’t out of reach, it’s only difficult to reach. Through persistence, perseverance and commitment, success can be guaranteed. Consistency leads to the development of good habits, good habits lead to actions and that gets all the work done.

Once you get used to the struggles and staying steadfast no matter what the difficulties are, no failures can set you back. They only make you stronger and more ambitious than ever to reach your goals.

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Coach Andrew